Gruevski: the Name Remains “the Republic of Macedonia”

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VMRO – DPMNE leader, Nikola Gruevski, along with the ministers and directors of public companies held a tribune in front of Lozovo and Sveti Nikole locals, on which he talked about the name dispute.

Gruevski clearly stated that the Republic of Macedonia wants to find a solution for the name dispute and will continue future negotiations with Greece.

-You all know why we didn’t start EU negotiations and why we didn’t get into NATO. That is not because we didn’t finish the reforms, we promptly finished everything that SDSM couldn’t finish, only because of the Greek blockade and pressures to change the name of the state and our identity, our nation and language. Only because of that and the impossibility of finding a solution. That is why only because Greece failed to accept the obvious, Macedonia didn’t get into NATO and the EU, says Gruevski.

The Prime Minister stated out that the international Court of justice in The Hague took Macedonia’s side and said that we have never broken the temporary agreement, but Greece did.

-We know we are right, we want to find a solution and will continue looking for it. But we will also be very careful when it comes to preserving the things that past generations fought and died for, the spilt their blood and their lives for an independent and sovereign Republic of Macedonia called Macedonia, Macedonian nationality and language, stated Gruevski, the Prime Minister.



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