Gruevski: We Reduced the Unemployment Rates From 38 to 32 Percent

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Yesterday, the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and his team of ministers and public company directors held a public tribune with the citizens from Lozovo and Sveti Nikole.


The Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski, reminded that in the first two years while at the helm, VMRO – DPMNE in 2006 raised the wages in the Public Administration for the first time, twice by 20 %. The pensions are also raised in the past few years for more than 35 %, and the lowest ones for 42 %. The state benefits were also raised by 35 %, as well as a significant raise for the agricultural subventions.

In those years Macedonia made big progress and big reforms, he points out, stating that when VMRO came at the helm, the unemployment was 38 %and was lowered to 32 % in just two years, when the global financial crisis wasn’t started. If this crisis hadn’t come, the unemployment would have been less than 20 %.

-In those two years our politics were revealed. The global financial crisis started in that period and the Government had to adapt to the emergent situation. Therefore we were forced to apply new anti-crisis steps with which we wanted to alleviate the global financial crisis and its influence in Macedonia. But with the for anti-crisis steps we took, we managed to create a situation in which Macedonia had the third lowest economic collapse in Europe in 2009, says Gruevski. In 2009 we continued with the reforms, in 2010 the crisis was still in progress. But yet, he accents, we had a 1,8 % increase, and 2 % after the revision. In 2011, when the global financial crisis was starting to diminish, we had a 5,2 % increase in the economy in the first six months and when everybody believed the crisis was behind us, in the middle od 2011 the start of the European crisis was marked. That caused problems in our economy and that’s why we ended the year with an increase of 3 %, only because in the third and fourth ward the economy started to decline and Europe started to recess. No matter how hard 2011 was , the Prime Minister said, we were the 6th country in Europe with the highest increase of 3 %.

-We prevented expansion of the unemployment and rapid unemployment growth. The VAT and the income taxes were raised all over the EU, and Macedonia not kept the current rates, but also lowered them down. The gain tax was previously lowered to 10 % and was additionally lowered for the companies that don’t share the dividend gain is cut to 0 %. We are applying that for 2008 onwards, said Gruevski on the tribune.

He also stated that Macedonia was proclaimed a top reformer by the World Bank in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 and was in the top three world reformers for each year.

-As a result, Macedonia was on the 22nd place on the World Bank general list according to the business laying conditions, said Gruevski.

The Prime Minister, Gruevski, also talked about the 20 million Euros subventions in 2006 for in 4 years, which were paid to the agriculturalists in only 4 months. In 2007, another 28 million Euros were paid, 45 in 2008, 70 million Euros in 2009, 100 in 2010 and 115 in 2011, while planning to pay 130 this year.

On the tribune in front of Lozovo locals, he pointed out to the 100 million Euros invested in the public health for medical supplies, and another 100 million Euros for reconstruction or new structures for numerous hospitals and other public health facilities in the country.

We opened 30 new soup-kitchens for the needy in this country, built appartaments for socially disadvantaged families and orphans, said Gruevski, while mentioning the equipment of many laboratories on the faculties throughout the country and other benefits for the citizens, especially for the students. He also reminded of the new reforms in the legal apparatus.

He vigorously talked about the continuous fight against criminal and corruption with the numerous actions organized by the police.

-We fight criminal and corruption and spare no one, regardless which party they belong to. Everyone that broke the law will be taken into custody, and we plan to continue doing so, said Gruevski.

We fulfilled all conditions for the start of the EU negotiations, he pointed out, stating that three years in a row we get positive reports from the EU and recommendations to start the negotiations.

-You all know why we didn’t start negotiations with the EU and why we didn’t get accepted into NATO. That is not because we didn’t finish the reforms, we finished them promptly, but only because of the Greek blockade and pressures to change the name of the state and our identity, our nation and language. Only because of that and the impossibility of finding a solution. That is why only because Greece failed to accept the obvious, Macedonia didn’t get into NATO and the EU.

But after all, we will do anything to find a solution. We want to find it, we know we are right, stated Gruevski. Only because of that and the verdict from the international Court of justice in The Hague from December 2011 that Macedonia has never broken the deal from 1995 and because Greece and Bucharest broke the deal and the international law.

-We want to find a solution and will continue looking for it. But we will also be very careful when it comes to preserving the things that past generations fought and died for, and that is the fight for independent and sovereign Republic of Macedonia called Macedonia, Macedonian nationality and language, stated Gruevski, the Prime Minister.

The Minister for Transport and Communications, Mile Janakievski, promised the Lozovo locals that the 2-kilometer road Karatmanovo-Dorfulija will be built, and also the 2- kilometer road from Mralino to Gjuzemilci. He pointed out that 13,5 million Euros from the 50 million Euros planned by the Government for water-supplying and sewage systems will be awarded for the Lozovo community.


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