“Watch Out, Radar” Isn’t About Giving Fines, It’s About Warning

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Information Society and Administration carried out an application called „Watch out, radar“ for all users of so called smart phones (Android and iPhone).

The application consists of several functionalities that are simple to use and offer drivers a chance to be notified of the radar location throughout the state. It will register all radar locations and if some of them change, the application will be refreshed and the drivers notified.

-Our primary goal is not to fine the citizens, but to act as a prevention and a warning, as well as to raise the awareness for conscious behavior while driving. We offer citizens an automatic notification about the radars, which means that they will be warned to respect the norms and regulations and not only avoid getting fined, but speeding will be prevented, said the Minister Gordana Jankulovska on the presentation for the application in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Minister of Information Society, Ivo Ivanovski, clarified that the driver’s position and all radar locations will be pointed out on the GPS device. Radar locations will be marked in three colors; red when the driver is 100 meters away from the radar; yellow for a 250 meters range and green when the driver is more than 400 meters from the radar control.

The Minister Jankulovska pointed out that the videos from the security cameras that were started on the Police Day will be kept for 14 days unless a certain video or photograph can be used as evidence in some legal procedure.

She emphasizes that the cameras won’t be used as surveillance for certain citizens, and said that they have their own purpose and goals, which is clearly controled by the regulations of MVR, but also the regulations for protection of personal information.

-This is a new technology that is used here for the first time. We will be careful using it and see that we fine the right drivers. In the beginning we may make multiple reevaluations to make sure that we don’t find ourselves in a situation where a citizen can be unjustly treated, says Jankulovska.

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