Orban expressed his gratitude to the Hungarians and sent a message to Brussels

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After his large victory in the general elections, Viktor Orban expressd gratitude to the Hungarians, the voters and his supporters, and sent a message to Brussels.

  • We won a great victory. So great, that it can be seen from the Moon, and certainly from Brussels, he said.

EU officials have dogged Hungary for years, threatening sanctions over its sovereignist policies, and were hoping that a Frankenstein opposition coalition, uniting anti-Semitic neo-Nazi parties with far left and centrist parties would beat Orban.

The Prime Minister also sent a message to the Hungarians abroad, especially those in war-torn Ukraine. He promised that he will continue to help and support them. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy took time from the war effort to personally attack Orban near the final stretch of the election campaign, over Orban’s refusal to provide weapon transfers to Ukraine. Orban listed Zelenskyy among the people he had to defeat in the elections – a list that also includes US leftist billionaire George Soros.