SONK announced protests, the Government invited them to a meeting again              

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The Independent Trade Union for Education, Science and Culture (SONK) announced on its Facebook page that the negotiations with the Government will continue at 6 pm, at the premises of the Ministry of Finance. After the meeting of the delegation from SONK in the Government on Tuesday, this will be a new attempt for an agreement to fulfill the request of the Trade Union for increase of salaries, i.e., harmonization with the minimal salary in the activities of education and child protection.

After a meeting of a SONK delegation led by President Jakim Nedelkov with the Government on March 29, the union said that from April 11, employees in schools and kindergartens will go on a general strike if their demands are not met.

The government said in a statement that it was open to continuous dialogue “in order to find sustainable and systemic solutions that will set a framework that will protect the standard and integrity of the teaching staff, with an emphasis on the starting position related to the social status of employees in the education system as a basis for further talks.”

SONK demands an increase of salaries by 18.5 percent, i.e., their harmonization with the minimum wage, which from this month increases from 15,200 to 18,000 denars and additionally the minimum wage to be the basis by which the coefficients of complexity of jobs will be multiplied. (MIA)