Miteva: The consequences of the negotiations with Bulgaria are a result of the disastrous policies of SDSM, Kovachevski and Osmani

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It was once again confirmed that the general concern about the way the negotiations in Bulgaria are conducted by the SDSM government is justified. It was reaffirmed that the consequences of the negotiations are the result of the Government’s disastrous policies. Once again, Bulgaria has a reason to declare success, while the government in Macedonia has more reason to remain silent, said at today’s press conference, VMRO-DPMNE spokeswoman Marija Miteva.

She pointed out that it was once again confirmed that the Macedonian public learned about the harmful policies from statements by the Bulgarian authorities.

– The so-called success is another defeat for the Macedonian history, for the Macedonian identity and for the Macedonian uniqueness. Kovachevski’s government is silent, while the Bulgarian side celebrates the success of the negotiations with the historical commission. The so-called positive atmosphere in the negotiations this time results in an agreement for Tsar Samoil. SDSM, Kovacevski and Osmani, without any idea how to cover this up, have been avoiding giving concrete answers to the Macedonian public for days. Neither the citizens nor the MPs are informed what has been agreed in the historical commission and what progress Bulgaria has declared a success. What does this secret agreement contain, did they give up the language and what is the agreement for Tsar Samoil. The non-transparency of the government in the negotiations calls into question the national interests of Macedonia, Miteva said.

She added that Kovacevski and Osmani are conducting negotiations that encroach on the Macedonian identity, language and history behind closed doors and that only confirms the suspicions of the citizens.

– Kovacevski is obliged to inform the public what has been negotiated so far, and Osmani has to do the same in front of the MPs, Miteva is decisive.