City of Skopje: PE Laika is in millions of debts accumulated by the leadership of Shilegov and SDSM

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SDSM spreads false news in the public, and they know in what condition left the public companies together with Petre Shilegov who was mayor from their ranks, inform from the City of Skopje.

– The citizens should know that PE Laika and its unenviable financial situation is a consequence of the irresponsible work of the previous city management. The company is ruined, left with inherited debts in the amount of over 10 million denars. SDSM should ask its staff the previous mayor Shilegov why in PE Laika the funds for regular work were misused, why the funds were not regularly collected from the Skopje municipalities according to the tripartite agreements, and why the citizens’ money was spent without measure, which brought the company to millions of debts. Poor management and over-accumulation of debt is a feature of the previous city leadership. The work of the staff of the previous mayor resulted in over ten million denars of accumulated debts only for this public enterprise, according to the City of Skopje.

They point out: “It is a lie that in PE Laika there is no humane treatment of street dogs, on the contrary, the dogs are treated in the most appropriate way, but it is also a matter of consolidation of the company that the previous management brought to the brink of collapse.”