Arsovski: The government procures water, juices, teas and colonial products for 11 million denars

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This Government led by SDSM does not think at all. Imagine, only less than a month ago they were the main topic for unproductive spending and luxury, and now we see again that in the midst of a serious economic crisis that citizens will still feel most on their skin, they spend millions of denars on unproductive things again. The Office for General and Common Affairs, for example, on March 23 concluded a contract for the supply of water, fruit juices and teas, worth as much as 7 million denars, then on March 29 concluded a contract for the supply of colonial food products and beverages worth 3.8 million denars, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Dimce Arsovski.

– They give 11 million denars for drinks and colonial products in times of crisis, and they say that they have saved. No, they save nothing, on the contrary, they continue with their luxury. Citizens live in serious inflation, when every possible product in the markets is more expensive and they feel it on their own skin, fuels are too high, and salaries and pensions can still not meet all these needs of citizens. What is worst, the saddest and most disappointing is that this Government is literally doing nothing to help the citizens overcome this crisis. Obviously, this Government can give up everything, literally everything! She can give up any national interest, but she cannot give up her own luxury and she cannot give up unproductive spending, he said.

According to information released by the spokesman, the government will spend over 150,000 euros on beverages and colonial products.

– Only a short time ago, less than a month ago, we announced that as much as 2 million euros of unproductive expenses were spent for the luxury of the government and now, they do not stop and continue with the same unproductive expenses. Over 150,000 euros for drinks and colonial products. We have seen before that even though they knew there would be a crisis, they spent on furniture, car washes, luxury food, flowers, coffee, and too many coffees, hotel services and everything else. We now see that they have no intention of interrupting any purchases for unproductive spending. Instead of capital projects, luxury and unproductive costs. That much should be known about the government led by SDSM, said Arsovski.