Orban: A victory that can be seen from the Moon… and from Brussels

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared a major victory in the general elections.

  • We never presented ourselves as well as tonight. We won a big victory, it can be seen from the Moon.. and from Brussels, Orban said, sending a message to his many opponents in the EU capital.

It’s estimated that his Fidesz party will win 53.4 percent of the vote against 33.3 percent for the united opposition EM coalition that was hoping to be tied with Fidesz. This outcome may give Orban another super-majority in the Parliament.

  • This victory we will remember to the end of our lives, because we had to beat complex enemies – the left in the country, the left abroad, the Soros institutions, international media, even the Ukrainian President. We never had that many enemies in an election, and with all their money, they could not stop us, Orban said.