VMRO-DPMNE: People are struggling with paying their electricity bills and waiting in line at gas stations, while Bislimoski is dining out in Dubrovnik

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The people are struggling with paying the electricity bills and are waiting in line at the gas stations, while Bislimoski is dining out in Dubrovnik, said VMRO-DPMNE.

With a decision of the ERC, Bislimoski increased the price of electricity by 30%. The citizens who paid a bill of 3,000 denars, now pay 4,000 denars.

  • He raised the prices of fuels, which increased by 70%, and did not oppose the government when it raised the excise tax by 13.13 denars. Because of SDSM and Bislimoski, we now pay more for fuel. Bislimoski is responsible for issuing licenses for electricity trade, and he gave a license to Zoran Zaev’s son. After doing all this, and after the people are facing an increase in the prices of all products by 70%, and 500,000 live on 150 denars a day, he has no problem sitting in a luxury restaurant in Dubrovnik. And to make the tragedy bigger, Bislimoski claims that he payed for the trip himself, so of course that is the least he can do with a salary of 130,000 denars, which is equal to 7 minimum wages, ie with which 7 families survive, ie. and up to 28 of our fellow citizens, reads the statement of VMRO-DPMNE.