Jovanovski: Zaev, Kiracovski and Bogoev knew about the 350,000 euros that Amzoski gave me

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If God gives me health, I want to build that retirenment home because it is missing in Bitola – the words of Siljan Micevski were quoted by the defendant Bojan Jovanovski in today’s closing arguments in the “International Association” case.

According to him, such projects were supposed to be realized in Skopje and Ohrid, but at the initiative of Micevski, the idea came to build it in Bitoa, on his private location, which he had already intended for building apartments.

Micevski received the permit to build such a center in Bitola and Ohrid. They signed the agreement consciously and with the value that was to be praised and not to be hidden, explained Jovanovski.

Boki claims that Todorovska and Agali Dika lied when they claimed that they did not know the content of the agreement.

The International Association started to implement the agreement with GP Pelister immediately within the stipulated deadlines, reminds Boki.

He says that how could anyone believe that he could deceive Siljan Micevski and Adrijan Amzoski.

Amzoski personally stated that he turned off the TV when he saw me and that he gave me money only because of Aleksandar Kiracovski. Three politicians knew about those 350,000 euros, and that is Zoran Zaev, Aleksandar Kiracovski and Stefan Bogoev, claimed Jovanovski.