Borisov was arrested hours after the arrival of European Prosecutor Kövesi, a friend of Katica Janeva

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It will be known today whether former Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov remains in detention. He could be detained for up to 24 hours, as required by the law there.

Lawyer Lyudmil Rangelov hopes Borisov will be released after the 24-hour detention.

He must be released at around 10 pm at the latest. The other option is for the prosecutor to take him into custody for 72 hours. After that, the prosecution can take him to court for permanent detention, he explained to “Alo Bugarijja”.

He was arrested yesterday after a major joint operation of the European prosecution and the national police, due to 120 cases of misuse of European Union funds.

He was arrested just hours after European Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Laura Kövesi visited Bulgaria.

She is well known in Macedonia because she came to the country frequently and is a good friend of the former special prosecutor Katica Janeva.