Kovacevski: We have the lowest price of oil and oil derivatives in the region

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Due to the decisions that we have made regarding the gradual reduction of excise and the reduction of VAT, in the region we have the lowest price of oil and oil derivatives. Wherever you go you will not find a cheaper price, said Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski.

Answering a journalist question after the inspection of the activities for cleaning the lindane from the small landfill in the area of ​​the factory “OHIS”, he said that it is due to the quick and timely decision, i.e., the measures and recommendations by the Government and the efficiency of the Parliament in the legal solutions that were immediately published and the Regulatory Commission could make the decision.

Asked about the price of oil and oil derivatives, Kovacevski stressed that it is determined by the Energy Regulatory Commission, which is an independent commission and based on a prescribed methodology in accordance with the Government’s recommendation so that it can be changed daily, not weekly.

– As the price of the stock exchange increased, there were a number of days when it was not immediately corrected due to the seven-day adjustment. Some of the companies operating in the market with oil and oil derivatives have shown speculative behavior. It was immediately sanctioned by the relevant inspection services, and some suffered a loss, which until the end of the day when the increase in oil was expected to supply fuel all the time. The methodology is such that it cannot be manipulated and all prices that are determined are determined according to that methodology, says Kovacevski.

He pointed out that yesterday there was a reduction in the price of diesel and stated that if the price of oil and oil derivatives stabilizes, it will normally affect the retail price accordingly.

– As far as I can see, this morning the stock markets have risen again, we will see how they will move during the day, because the prices on the stock exchanges change daily. We must be aware that Europe is at war, there is a war in Ukraine, where Russia has carried out military aggression against Ukraine, and all this has had an extremely negative and far-reaching effect on food prices, fertilizers, raw material prices, especially iron, coal and other basic raw materials. All 26 measures that the Government adopted in the past week are exactly to address these challenges that we face, but also the entire world economy, said Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski.