Kovacevski: I plan to have fewer advisers than all the prime ministers so far

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Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski announced that he would reduce the number of his advisers and that he would have the least of all previous prime ministers.

Answering journalists’ questions, the Prime Minister said that with the reorganization of his Cabinet, some of the councilors will no longer have that task, and some of them will work on line work in organizational units for which they specialize according to their qualifications.

He pointed out that those who will be advisors are already planned, he can not announce their names because it is not official yet, but they are, as he said, highly qualified and recognized professionals in their fields.

– The number of councilors that I plan to have is less than the number of councilors that the previous prime ministers had. Those advisors will perform work in their professional field, all of them have twenty years of professional experience, both academic and professional, Kovacevski told the media during his visit to OHIS.