Arsovski: Kovacevski hypocritically takes a measure to ban the purchase of furniture, and in the past few months they purchased furniture worth 300,000 euros

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We have a Government in the Republic of Macedonia which is always a few months late. After the series of press conferences that I held from this rostrum on behalf of VMRO-DPMNE for unproductive expenses in the past few days to appeal to the public that in times of crisis when the Government knew that there would be a serious economic crisis together with the institutions, they spent money on luxury. Yesterday, the government came up with ridiculous and delayed measures, as if presenting that they will prevent the economic crisis among the citizens, says Dimce Arsovski, spokesman for VMRO-DPMNE.

– Inspired by the bad reactions of the public for spending over 2 million euros in just a few months on unproductive expenses and for the luxury of their ministers and officials, imagine yesterday, Kovacevski boasted that he forbade the procurement of furniture for government institutions. He forbade the purchase of furniture. Kovacevski, again late with the measures, as with everything else. The measures for banning the purchase of furniture are in vain, for a simple reason if Kovacevski does not know, we will tell him to be prepared in public, because the institutions have already purchased furniture worth hundreds of thousands of euros in the past few months after the institutions and the Government knew that there is a serious economic crisis that will affect the lives of citizens. Kovacevski is late again. Namely, the Ministry of Interior in the past period, after knowing that there would be an economic crisis, instead of terminating such procedures for unproductive costs, procured furniture worth 250,000 euros, or 15,400,000 denars procurement of furniture in the Ministry of Interior. If this is not the government’s laugh at the citizens in person, I do not know what else it is, he said.

Arsovski emphasizes that the Secretariat for European Affairs, where Bojan Maricic has been for several months, has purchased furniture and car wash services worth 700,000 denars.

– Bujar Osmani, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs procured furniture in the past few months after knowing that there would be an economic crisis, worth over 20,000 euros or 1,370,000 denars, only for furniture, only for the luxury of Bujar Osmani in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For which we all know that this building is several years old, and is literally equipped with everything needed for functioning and operation by the employees accompanied by the furniture that they need. Additionally, Ljupcho Nikolovski in the Ministry of Agriculture, although he knew that there would be a crisis instead of helping the farmers, he procured car washing services in the amount of 470,000 denars. That’s over 2,000 car washes a year. In the past few months alone, the government has spent about 300,000 euros on furniture, which could normally be used for many other things and to help citizens. For this Government, it is more important for these officials to sit in comfortable armchairs and drive in daily washed cars, than to help the citizens, to help the most vulnerable categories, to help the farmers and everyone else. It is obvious that this Government and the new Prime Minister Kovacevski, who is just a pale copy and shadow of Zoran Zaev, underestimate the intelligence of the citizens, take measures against the purchase of furniture, and in fact have already purchased furniture. A classic belated reaction, where the Government laughs in the face of the citizens, said Arsovski.