IRI poll shows that VMRO-DPMNE enjoys greatest trust among citizens, Kovacevski-led government pursues harmful policies

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The latest poll by the International Republican Institute (IRI) shows that VMRO-DPMNE enjoys the greatest trust among the citizens.

  • This means that the government of SDSM and DUI administered by Kovacevski pursues harmful policies and the people demand changes, said the opposition party after the results of yesterday’s poll.

Only 18% of citizens think that Macedonia is moving in the right direction and this is historically the worst result of the citizens’ trust in any government so far.

According to the opposition, this shows that Kovacevski’s government will be punished in the next elections, because the people saw that they are incompetent and irresponsible. The tendency shows that the government will lose the elections, because with each passing day the country is going down deeper and deeper.

The results of the poll, converted into election results, mean a convincing victory of VMRO-DPMNE with a difference of about 100 thousand votes.

The citizens do not live better with this government of SDSM, their standard is deteriorating due to high inflation and price hikes, but also due to crime and corruption that eat away the budget money.

According to the poll, VMRO-DPMNE has the support of 20% of the citizens and SDSM -17%, DUI – 7%, Alliance, Levica and BESA – 4% each.