Osmani hopes Bulgaria dispute will be resolved by June

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Regarding Bulgaria, Bujar Osmani pointed out that we are communicating with the Bulgarian Government on a political level. The last round of political talks, he added, took place in Munich, and the proposal is to define the issues for unblocking our accession process through a comprehensive protocol. The elements of that comprehensive protocol, he informed, should be determined in the coming period.

  • Asked whether the EU accepts Bulgaria’s demands, Osmani stressed that the EU is not a party in the process. This is a bilateral dispute, we decide whether something will be accepted or not, and therefore I think that this should not be considered from the perspective that the EU and Bulgaria can agree on something without us. We are deciding, Bulgaria is deciding, we have entered into dynamic talks in order to overcome these issues in the interest of the European perspective of the region, which I consider to be of strategic importance to Bulgaria, Osmani said.

He hopes that by June we will succeed if a solution is found so that a decision can be made to start negotiations with the EU, without setting deadlines.