Foreign Ministry begins campaign to inform Russians of what is being done in Ukraine

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The Macedonian Foreign ministry prepared a non-paper in its capacity as upcoming chair of OSCE, and is inviting institutions and citizens to begin people to people contacts with individuals and institutions in Russia. The goal of the campaign is to inform the Russian people of what is being done in Ukraine, while at the same time send out a message that the Russians as a whole are not to blame for their “irrational leader”.

  • While the ordinary Ukrainian citizens face the horrors of war, the ordinary Russian citizens face a disinformation campaign and aggressive propaganda from Kremlin trying to justify their cause. The consequences of the Russian Government’s unprovoked and unwarranted military intervention in Ukraine, in the broader context, are felt all over Europe and the World. Convinced that the Russian people will not agree with this aggression, and when facing the evil, the whole world will unite… The people of Russia should be informed and aware of this senseless and unjustified aggression, even though their government’s propaganda is in full swing… While condemning Putin’s actions, it should be clearly stated that the people are not to blame for the conflicts caused by their irrational leaders, the Ministry writes.