Kovacevski: Budget and Denar stable, state reserves at highest level

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Prime Minister, Dimitar Kovacevski in an interview with “Morning Briefing” on Slobodna TV pointed out that the budget is stable and liquid and in full condition to finance all obligations related to programs for financial support of citizens and the economy.

– When drafting the 2022 Budget, the unproductive costs in the budget items were reduced at the expense of providing additional funds to deal with the economic crisis that we knew would exist in 2022 and therefore we managed to maintain the liquidity of companies in the energy sector, said Prime Minister Kovacevski.

Prime Minister Kovacevski confirmed and reiterated that the Government is in constant communication with the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia and has no fears regarding the stability of the Denar and that state reserves are at the highest level and according to the amount of state reserves the Denar is stable.