Pendarovski: Country received early November information that Russia was preparing for invasion of Ukraine

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Macedonia’s President Stevo Pendarovski said Wednesday the country had received initial information that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine in early November last year.

He says that now its is shown how important it was that the country joined NATO and that it is a huge benefit to know beforehand about the reserves you need in different sectors, to know how to position yourself if you need to.

– What is astonishing is the extent of the force, the machinery, resources, both satellite and ground, The predictions four months ago were in terms of the time of the attack, the miss was only three days. Regarding the scope of the operation that the attack will be carries out from these three or four sides, there was no miss, said Pendarovski in an interview Sitel TV.

He said that some major intelligence services at the time did not believe that this was true, so they checked in their own way, however, he underlined, now we see that this was confirmed as 100% accurate information.

– So, we joined an alliance with countries that are the best in the world in that regard, said the head of state.

Asked if the country knew since November that something like this was being prepared, what steps have been taken since then to provide an alternative to gas supply, in conditions when the country is facing an energy crisis, Pendarovski said that was the first and last point of discussion at the Security Council session.

This is classified information, he stressed, adding that the Prime Minister at that session read the latest data from the Bureau of Commodity Reserves on each item from food to energy, which are in stock.

– In that part we do not have to worry. I said we could have some problems if the war lasted for months and months. Everyone will have it. If it lasts for several weeks, we will have to endure as if there were no sanctions, without procuring new quantities enough on all bases from basic food products to energy, said President Pendarovski, among other things.