Vucic comes to the rescue again, after the vaccines he will now deliver wheat to our country

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Kovacevski’s government continues the practice of Zoran Zaev and that is begging and waiting for someone else instead of providing everything necessary for the citizens. Almost the same picture was repeated as at the beginning of the corona pandemic and the procurement of vaccines.

After all the countries managed to procure vaccines directly from the manufacturers, Zaev’s government relied on the EU and the Covax mechanism. From there, of course, no vaccine came, so the then Prime Minister had to beg Aleksandar Vucic to help us.


He of course met our needs and on Tabanovce on February 14, 2021 he delivered 8,000 Pfizer vaccines to our country. It seemed unfortunate for a country to have the first vaccines loaded in a van, which only showed the negligence and servility towards the EU of the then government.

However, months later, the government tried to profit from the procurement of vaccines from the Chinese manufacturer and paid 12.5 million euros for 200,000 vaccines to the account of a Hong Kong shell company. One vaccine was supposed to cost $ 62.5, while the actual price of Sinopharm at the time was up to $32.

The war in Ukraine came and the government, this time led by Kovacevski assured us that we have enough commodity reserves and that the citizens should not worry. How much we should not worry was revealed again by the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic who said that Macedonia requested 50,000 tons of wheat and 25,000 tons of corn.

Why did we have to learn from Vucic that the silos are empty and that if it were not for Serbia, as the saying goes, “we would die for bread”?

Citizens are rightly concerned. Who knows what the situation is with fuel and whether we should prepare for queues in front of gas stations as in the 90s.