Zoran Zaev’s son became the owner of an electricity company

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Dushko Zaev, the son of former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, is swimming in the waters of business, after establishing an electricity generation company as an owner.

Zaev’s son is an 18-year-old teenager, and the company he will manage is named Total Energy based in Strumica, writes Factor.

As far as is known, the Zaevi family owns businesses in several industries, but this is the first time they are related to electricity generation.

The prefix “Total” is carried by two other companies in which the 100% owner is Vice Zaev, the brother of the former Prime Minister, and they are Total Engineering and Total Electric. Zaev’s most famous company is Trgoproduct and its subsidiary Mamas.

The Zaev family together with their partners mainly operate in the construction business, but also deal with transport, retail, trade.

President Stevo Pendarovski said last week that Zaev had already returned to business in Strumica.