Bulgaria has violated three agreements so far, so we demand strong guarantees for the independence of the Macedonian language and people

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The aggressive Bulgarian policy that directly hits the foundations of the Macedonian state and the Macedonian people is not a surprise for the vice president of VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski. He reminds that Bulgaria has been pursuing that policy for 150 years, since the founding of the Bulgarian state, but, he adds, it has become more aggressive in recent years.

Nikoloski pointed out that greater unity of Macedonians and Macedonian politicians is needed.

  • Our position is not taken seriously. We believe that if Bulgaria seeks guarantees, then we must also seek guarantees in relation to Bulgaria. And we must get strong guarantees for the independence of the Macedonian language and the Macedonian people, Nikoloski stressed.

Nikoloski pointed out that Macedonia must receive strong guarantees regarding the dispute with Bulgaria.

  • Bulgaria does not have a positive past in fulfilling agreements with Macedonia. So far, there are at least three agreements that have not been respected by the Bulgarian side, in the 90s Gligorov – Zhelev, after that in 1999 Georgievski – Kostov, and then 2017 when there was an agreement between Zaev – Borisov. And none of those agreements have been respected. And that is why I think that the negotiation process must be entered very carefully, primarily in terms of guarantees that were not present in the previous agreements, because we still have a problem with Bulgaria, and not with Denmark, said Nikoloski.