Arsovska: The government should decide whether the political points are more important for them to mask their own mistakes or the safety of the citizens

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I appeal to the Minister of Culture as a representative of the Government, but also the spokespersons of the ruling SDSM in the council of the City of Skopje to stop presenting information that only serves to manipulate and distort the factual situation, despite the fact that they themselves are familiar and participated in creating the problem in the realization of this project, said the mayor of the City of Skopje, Danela Arsovska at today’s press conference regarding the reconstruction of the Universal Hall.
– Mayor Arsovska believes that the government should decide whether attacks to collect political opinions are more important than the security of criticism. Were the initiatives of the reconstruction activities for the previous city leadership, despite the incomplete project documentation and the knowledge of the problems in the building, for the purpose of political considerations during the election, more important than the dangers for the reconstruction of the Universal Hall, large Arsovska.
We are witnessing partial solutions from the previous management, of hasty projects without implementation. The project will not stop, and everything will be implemented properly, but with solutions that are safe and secure for the citizens, said Arsovska.