FOUR MONTHS: German report on Tetovo modular hospital arrives, five prosecutors to make decision

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The report of the fire at the modular hospital in Tetovo by the German expert team, After four months, it is finally in the hands of tattoo prosecutors.

The details of the expertise will be known after the translation is made, because it is in German, after which a decision will be analysed and a decision will be made, the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office said.

A report from German investigators to the main public prosecutor’s office , Tetovo, arrived on Friday. An order was issued today to translate from German to Macedonian, to a licensed court translator. The volume of expertise is about seven pages, and it is requested to be carefully translated because it has forensic terminology. A team of five prosecutors is then due to make a decision,” the Tetovo public prosecutor’s office said.

Witnesses to the event, as well as those responsible at the hospital, were questioned about the needs of the investigation.

In early October last year, it was announced that according to the Interior Ministry’s expertise, the modular fire occurred as a result of a burning extended cable, which included a defibrillator, i.e. a resuscitation apparatus, a mobile phone charger and another device, and skills were made at the Faculty of Technology and electrical engineering.

The fire, which burned 14 people alive, occurred on the evening of September 8, 2021. Security camera video shows patients being rescued through windows, and the facility is on fire in just three minutes.