After saying that the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria doesn’t exist, Petkov asks our country to roll up its sleeves and work

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Let’s move forward with a constructive dialogue because for me good neighborliness is of great importance for Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia, and the entire Balkan region, said Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov in an interview with MIA ahead of his visit to Skopje on Tuesday.

I really believe that the more we work together, the more connected we are, the more our citizens communicate with each other, establish business cooperation, the better, Petkov said, adding that instead of declarations and political speeches, the sleeves should be rolled up and “we should finish a lot work together.”

The Bulgarian Prime Minister emphasizes that this is why immediately after the election of the new Government of Dimitar Kovacevski he visits the country in order to establish constant communication and achieve progress.

I do not want only politicians to come and speak, when I talk about economics I want to see all our companies that want and have interest in Macedonia, all companies from your country that have interest in Bulgaria. Politicians are not needed at that meeting, at that meeting people are needed who want to work, to do business together, adds Petkov, stressing that the two countries must work on all those issues that they have not been able to resolve for 30 years.

He emphasizes that he does not want to talk only about what should be done, but that the two countries should work together on the realization of specific projects.