Bulgarian journalists asks the new Government to quickly lift the veto, lists all the benefits of having Macedonia as part of the EU

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Witing in her ClubZ outlet, Bulgarian journalist Kapka Todorova called on the new Government to approve the inclusion of Macedonia to the European Union. Bulgaria has been blocking the opening of EU accession talks with Macedonia since 2020, as it demands major concessions on national identity and national history matters.

The Macedonian issue was handed over to pseudo-nationalists in Bulgaria who destroyed the good tone of communication with Skopje and destroyed much of what was accomplished in the relations between Sofia and the Macedonians. The Macedonian card was played for the sole purpose of helping the small nationalist parties in Bulgaria win votes and their participation in the Government was cashed in in a dishonest way, by the sale of passports. The new Bulgarian Government faces a major challenge in restoring good relations with Macedonia, but that will be difficult given the escalation of nationalist in this country and the provoked response in Macedonia. Ordinary citizens of Bulgaria and Macedonia are victims of some longing for a glorious past by nationalists on both sides, Todorova writes.

She lists out all the economic benefits that will flow from the quick inclusion of Macedonia into the EU, which will also be felt in Bulgaria. According to Todorova, this will also be a good guard against spread of Russia and Serbian influence in Macedonia and in the Balkans.