VMRO calls on Kovacevski to apologize to the nation for Zaev’s crimes and racketeering

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We call on Dimitar Kovacevski to apologize to the public for Zoran Zaev’s crimes and racketeering, said the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party in a press statement.

Dimitar Kovacevski needs to apologize for the plundering of the country that Zaev carried out over the past five years. In this period, 60,000 were left without jobs and 5,600 companies closed permanently. He needs to apologize to the companies and the citizens who faced extortion from the Zaev family. To the entire nation after Zaev and Venko Filipce left us without vaccines while they were going after commissions for their procurement. Kovacevski needs to apologize to the families who lost loved ones while Zaev and Filipce were involved in business dealings. If not, he will prove that he is nothing more than Zaev’s pawn, VMRO said in its statement.