ZAEV LEAVES LIKE A COWARD: Defeat brought him, Bulgaria removed him from power

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Zoran Zaev should officially become a former prime minister today. He came as Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia and left as Prime Minister of his creation “North”.

After five years at the helm of the state, Zaev will be remembered for several things: the destruction of everything Macedonian and the humiliation experienced by the Macedonian people by the eastern and previously by the southern neighbor.

At home, we will remember Zaev for bringing Macedonia to be a hybrid regime, for climbing the list of corruption, for the partisan judiciary… there is so much to list.

We will certainly not remember him for foreign investments because during his term not a single serious investor came, and we had replaced Macedonia with Serbia.

Foreign investors are also looking for infrastructure and not a single highway has been built during Zaev’s term. On top of that, the deadline for the construction of the Kicevo-Ohrid section has been extended, which, as things stand, will wait for the new government, which has started the highway.

The West brought him, Bulgaria removed him

Zoran Zaev has been considered a favorite Western politician all these years. He started with bombs that he released with the permission of the “big ones”, so they made him a Przino Agreement to bring him to power without elections. Then came the elections in 2016, which he did not win again, but with the help of DUI and the “red phone” that rang in Mala Recica, Ali Ahmeti’s party decided to form a government with SDSM instead of the winning VMRO-DPMNE.

Surrounded by strong support, he changed the country’s name without a successful referendum, signed an agreement with Bulgaria, forcibly pushed through constitutional changes, brought the “North” into NATO, and hoped to start negotiations with the EU.

But that did not happen. Despite the fact that he had promised his “brother” Borisov everything that would come to his mind, it was not enough and Bulgaria did not allow the start of negotiations.

As Zaev once said that the “Bulgarian veto had broken him”, the defeat in the local elections crushed him. He announced his resignation, which he delayed until yesterday.

But, as he came cowardly, that is how he leaves, without report. However, the Macedonian people did not choose him anyway to be held accountable. Zaev will probably have to pay the bill elsewhere, away from Macedonia.