Three tons of hidden lindane, hazardous waste and poisons found in OHIS during emergency inspection

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The State Inspectorate of Environment recently during an emergency inspection in the premises of a legal entity within the former OHIS discovered chemicals and hazardous waste, the existence of which has not been reported to the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, as well as the State Inspectorate for Environment.

The environmental inspector found pesticide – lindane in the original packaging of 30 kg paper bags, stored on wooden pallets, in a total amount of about 3,100 kg, in a building of about 100 square meters, closed with a metal door and locked with a padlock.

– Also near the facilities where electrolysis was performed, three closed metal tanks with a volume of about 25 cubic meters were stored in which chlorine was stored, with an unknown state of chlorine content in them. Activities of cutting metal pipes and other metal objects are noticed in the immediate vicinity, for which neither the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, nor the State Inspectorate of Environment have been notified, emphasized the State Inspectorate of Environment.