Zaev is due to resign from the post of Prime Minister today

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Prime Minister Zoran Zaev should have his last working day today. After the New Year’s address of President Stevo Pendarovski in the Parliament, Zaev should deposit the resignation announced several times in the Parliament.

After the defeat in the local elections, Zaev announced that he would resign from all positions. He has already resigned from the party, where Dimitar Kovacevski has been elected a new president.

After Zaev’s resignation, Pendarovski should give a mandate to the new prime minister. According to the Constitution, the president is obliged to entrust the mandate of the party, ie the parties that have the majority in the Assembly, within ten days. The prime minister-designate within 20 days, from the day of entrusting the mandate, submits a program to the Assembly and proposes the composition of the Government, according to the Constitution.