Bulgarians make public President Pendarovski’s paper entitled “Bulgarian – nationality or profession?!”

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The online edition of Sofia-based “Sega.bg” found an original way to illustrate its text dedicated to misunderstandings and their overcoming between Bulgaria and Macedonia, reports “PressingTV“.

The focus of the text is the current Bulgarian policy towards Macedonia and the announced French summit for June next year, dedicated to the relations between the EU and the Western Balkans, where the veto of Sofia is expected to be lifted for the start of Macedonia and Albania’s EU accession negotiations.

However, the text uses an illustration with President Stevo Pendarovski and his paper, entitled “Bulgarian-nationality or profession: The policy of the Republic of Bulgaria for issuing dual citizenship to Macedonian citizens – Political consequences for the Republic of Macedonia.”

The questions now are how much President Pendarovski’s doctorate can be used in the current interstate relations, whether a Bulgarian is a nationality or a profession, and depending on whether they “deserve” a place in our Constitution, whether his theses have been used and especially emphasized in conversations with his Bulgarian interlocutors, especially with his colleague Rumen Radev, who focused on human rights instead of history, and what was the response?

Or does Pendarovski’s paper, from this time distance, have the meaning of a joke from the time of one-mindedness, when the most common topic for doctorates of “self-governing intelligence” was “The role of the Bosnian horse during World War II” !?

Source: PressingTV