Mickoski sends out a message of unity

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In his remarks following his re-election as VMRO-DPMNE party leader, Hristijan Mickoski delivered a message of unity and openness toward other ethnic groups and politically unaffiliated citizens.

– This second era is a call to all citizens to get engaged in political activism that will help our country. We want to hear the voice of the forgotten citizens who were left behind while the country is being plundered and led by lucrative motives of mediocrities. We are ready for dialogue with professors, writers, scientists, the young, the students, the unions and the businesses, Mickoski said at the end of the party congress.

Mickoski described what he called a vision of a shared patriotism, which he said will apply to all groups in Macedonia.

– This will help us come back to how we originally imagined this country will look like when it was created, as an active unit of equal actors which will ensure just progress and equal opportunities for all, a vision we lost along the way in these three decades. The sincere enthusiasm was turned into nationalist bickering, often caused by politicians who wanted to use it as a distraction from the way they are running our country. A new societal contract will engage our shared patriotism and tear down the walls the politicians built among our citizens”, Mickoski added.

In the area of economy, the re-elected VMRO leader said that the party will bring down the income tax rate to 8 percent, and abolish it for young people. The aim will be an economic growth rate between 4 and 6 percent and single digit unemployment rate. Mickoski said that VMRO will bring the country among the 50 best performers in fighting corruption in the world, from today’s dismal record of 111th. The party will also ensure the creation of a regulated market for crypto currencies and the use of block-chain technology.