Mickoski: We are implementing projects for which we are committed to the citizens, we are a generation of politicians who are servants of the people

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We continue with the visits through Macedonia, today we are here in Stip, we were on the field to see several current projects that are being implemented or to be more precise that are starting to be realized, because we promised and took responsibility before the citizens and what we promised for which we have undertaken should be realized. There are many defeats, many disappointments, the citizens should start winning, and we as a generation of politicians understand our work only as servants of the people and people who will work exclusively for the interests of the people, said Hristijan Mickoski, President of VMRO-DPMNE.

-Today here in Stip we are talking about the citizens of Stip, we are talking about Macedonia in general. In addition we will have a meeting with the businessmen here in Stip, the people who are heroes in modern times, because in such difficult conditions that exist today in Macedonia they work and provide existence for the citizens of Stip, but also a large number of citizens from the settlements that are around Stip and really I always say the hat down for those people, who should be respected and should be helped where according to the procedures and laws can be helped, said Mickoski and added:

The Mayor said that an Economic Council will be formed, a body that I expect to significantly improve the cooperation between the business community, ie the businessmen and the Municipality of Stip and to continue what we all expect, and that is to continue a new and better future for Stip and for Macedonia “.