Dimitrov: I do not rule out a negative solution

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US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Gabriel Escobar has made it clear that the US priority for the Balkans is the integration of Albania and Macedonia into the EU. Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov said in an interview with “Morning Briefing” that his message was clear and that the US is an important factor in the region, but also a major partner of Europe in the context of NATO and of course that Washington has influence.

The region is quite shattered. Escobar says that the instrument of enlargement is being violated in our country – whether it is real or not, says Dimitrov and adds that Escobar stressed during the talks that Macedonia is a credible partner and that the United States can help.

I think we have to learn from experience because we are not to blame for not starting negotiations. We must protect the nation and not spread false hope. Escobar says the stakes are too high now. If there are no accession negotiations, the message is that you are solving problems in vain and that is very serious for the region, Dimitrov explained.

He added that the formation of a new Bulgarian government is awaited so that talks can continue.

According to Dimitrov, Zaev left a strong mark on the entire initiative to resolve the dispute with Bulgaria, and now even though he is now leaving the post of Prime Minister, he says, the course will remain.

Every politician brings his own policies, with Zaev we climbed the big mountain with the Prespa Agreement. As a country at a crossroads, we will do everything we can to reach a dignified way out of this trouble that has the potential to change the atmosphere in the entire region, but unfortunately, I do not rule out a negative solution, says Dimitrov.