PE Lajka stuck in debts: To whom were fees paid and on what grounds, asks the Anti-Corruption Commission

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The Anti-Corruption Commission has suspicions about the operation of PE Lajka and the payments to external collaborators. Therefore, Lajka’s work and the payments that led to the increase in the debts of this public company will be inspected.

The Anti-Corruption Commission asked the City of Skopje to conduct an internal audit of PE Lajka with special emphasis on hiring external collaborators and payments to two people, according to the request sent by the Anti-Corruption Commission to the City of Skopje, which arrived at our editor’s office. The request for revision, which is according to Article 76 of the Law on Prevention of Corruption and Conflict of Interest, separates the payments to external collaborators, one of which is through the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and the other payment through the Food and Veterinary Agency.

The City of Skopje informs that they will respond to the request of the Anti-Corruption Commission within the legal deadline and that an extraordinary audit will start tomorrow in PE Lajka in order to be able to respond to the deadline requested by the Anti-Corruption Commission.

We also learn from our sources that not a single audit has been conducted in PE Lajka since its establishment. This public company has been operating for almost four years without anyone having insight into its work.

A few days ago, at the proposal of the animal protection associations, Vojislav Dimitrovski was appointed acting director of PE Lajka.