Mickoski: The system is rotten, the longer this government stays, the more the people will lose, so there should be elections

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The President of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, in the show “Road to” on Alsat TV, said that early parliamentary elections are needed because the system is rotten and dysfunctional, and the longer this coalition remains in power, the more the people will lose.

– Rapid early parliamentary elections are needed and now, as the situation is, there will be nothing new and creative for the Macedonian citizens, so the longer this government stays where it is almost incredible, the more the Macedonian citizens will lose here. there is no ethnicity, Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Serbs and Vlachs and Roma and Bosniaks will lose, literally, all said Mickoski.

He said that the system is rotten and that is because of the government, and there must be people who will manage it and will manage the employees in the system, and people are needed who will introduce discipline and who will know how to work in order for the delivery system results.

– These people who are now in power, ie this SDSM-DUI coalition that has been working for almost four and a half years to literally destroy and destroy the system, the system is dysfunctional today, and we see the consequences of such a rotten system every day, so it was with the tragedy in Laskarci, which was another transport company transporting passengers, so it was with the modular hospital, complete absence of responsibility, where only an extension cord was responsible for that accident, and now on the Struma expressway where although 45 people lost their lives again “There is no responsibility, neither moral nor any other, that is what is missing in this ruling coalition,” Mickoski criticized on Alsat TV.