SDSM: A third candidate could enter the race to succeed Zoran Zaev

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The SDSM party could get a third candidate for party leader, after former intelligence chief Mile Zecevic said that he is considering entering the race. Zoran Zaev, who is leaving the helm of the party in mid-December, already endorsed little-known Deputy Finance Minister Dimitar Kovacevski as his successor. Former Vice President of the party Frosina Remenski, who was sidelined after being chosen as the “fall girl” in the major Racket scandal, also announced she is running.

In a TV interview on Wednesday evening, Zecevic said that he was “the bulldozer” behind SDSM’s work in the past years. But he also insisted that he will want to see party unity preserved, indicating that he may not run if it is clear that Kovacevski has overwhelming support. Candidates have until Friday to register and the main requirement is that they were members for five years and have been elected to some party office by the Congress.