Mickoski from Aerodrom: This project will provide electricity and will reduce the costs of facilities of public interest

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I hope or to be more precise, I am sure that other municipalities will follow this example and will install this type, I would say tools that will drastically reduce the costs that municipalities have for electricity, said today the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski.

He emphasized that he hears and receives as information from the municipalities where mayors elected by VMRO-DPMNE that they are literally left at the mercy of their predecessors when it comes to electricity bills.

– But, now it has happened that despite the fact that fists are distributed in bars here in Skopje, practically all these traders unilaterally terminate the contracts they have with the municipalities and they automatically approach the supply with the universal supplier EVN Home and the prices are dramatically high, prices are practically for a month as the annual bills have been so far. So this type of installation can only reduce those costs and help provide electricity to buildings of public interest, schools, kindergartens, etc., said Mickoski.

He added that Aerodrom will be a pioneer municipality for waste selection supported by the European Union Office here in Macedonia and in the following period we will have more projects of this type.

– So we continue to work, we continue to fulfill what we committed during the campaign in these local elections and we want to show that not everyone is the same, that we work, and they only know how to lie and steal, Mickoski is decisive.