One of the passengers is missing, the number does not match the information that the Bulgarian authorities have

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The Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office said at today’s press conference that the bodies of 44 victims of the bus accident were found in the bus after a Macedonian bus caught fire on the Struma Highway.

Sijka Mileva pointed out that during the visit of the survivors to the hospital, they talked to some of them.

She informed that she met the surviving man who told her how he broke the glass of the bus and said that he saved eight people, not seven.

– We found 44 bodies, and he categorically stated that eight people were rescued. I told him you are seven in the hospital. And he categorically said no, we saved eight people. During the investigation, 44 bodies were found. According to the data we have, 52 people traveled, we found 44 bodies, and seven people were hospitalized – four men and three women. The big puzzle remains, where is the eighth person. We are working on that version, we do not want to spread misinformation, it can also be a bad memory of the witness, said Mileva.

She added that the witness was then questioned by investigators in the presence of an interpreter and he again categorically claimed that eight people had been rescued.

– I was at the scene and saw the charred corpses, the view was horrible, the situation was more difficult when together with the Chief Prosecutor of Northern Macedonia and the Prosecutor for Organized Crime and Corruption we visited the hospital “Pirogov” where seven of the injured were accommodated. They were in good physical condition, but mentally they were in a very difficult condition. Everyone was in a separate room in excellent condition and they are taken care of by the best doctors in the country, said Mileva.

As 44 bodies were found on the bus, it is unclear what happened and where another person is. There is also a discrepancy in the list of passengers.

Several scenarios for this situation will be examined, including whether during the break that was made 20 minutes before the accident, there was a change in the passengers with some transfer to the buses.

It is possible that he left the border with another vehicle, another bus, and that needs to be checked.