Sarafov: Victims died of suffocation, the most probable cause of the accident is human error

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Autopsies show that all the dead died from suffocation, not from the blow. This means that they were alive at the time of the fire. The final assessment of the causes of the accident will have to be given by the final analysis, but the leading version at the moment is a human error – as the cause of the accident, said at today’s press conference the Bulgarian Deputy Prosecutor General and Director of the National Investigation Service Borislav Sarafov.

Sarafov pointed out that the examinations and analyzes of the bus continue, which should give an answer for the reasons and the manner of the fire, as well as for the traffic analysis for the reasons for which the bus left the path of movement.

Presenting the information gathered so far, Sarafov stressed that he sees a lot of speculation and pseudo-experts in the media, but that although 15 or 20 eyewitnesses can be seen after the shows, in fact there are no eyewitnesses to the event.

– First, two of the passengers on the bus, who were awake at the time of the accident, were questioned. Both give objective information, are examined individually and their statements match, which is why we take them as extremely accurate. Two others who are in hospital are being examined today, said Sarafov.

The versions of a terrorist act and oil pipes, as possible causes of the accident, have been reviewed, but categorically rejected, Sarafov said.

– Three tubes were found. The three trumpets were not full and were not lit. The fire did not break out from them. The version of a terrorist act was professionally reviewed and analyzes were taken from the bus for the existence of a terrorist act. We categorically reject those versions. This is not a terrorist act, said Sarafov.

A team from the prosecution is leaving for Skopje tomorrow to collect the made DNA profiles from the relatives of the victims, which will then be used to identify the deceased. Then, Sarafov stressed, the bodies of the victims can be handed over to their families.