As of today, Danela Arsovska is the head of the City of Skopje

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Danela Arsovska will officially take over the mayoral mandate today, when the handover will take place in a solemn act. For the first time since Macedonia’s independence, Skopje got a woman mayor. Since the proclamation of Macedonian statehood, Arsovska will be the second woman to run the city for the next 4-year term, after Vera Aceva, who was its mayor in the distant 1948. As the “city mother” of the Macedonian capital, Arsovska, after receiving the certificate for elected mayor on Friday, today will receive the “title” of the City.

In the Local Elections 2021 in the capital, she, as an independent candidate supported by VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition “For the renewal of Macedonia”, defeated the current mayor Petre Shilegov with 28,130 votes difference in the second round. In the first round, Arsovska was in the lead with 7,915 votes, and in the second round, the difference was significantly larger, with an advantage of 28,130 votes over her opponent.

As a reminder, before becoming mayor, Arsovska managed the Association of Chambers of Commerce from 2014 until now. This Chamber is part of the World federation of Chambers of Commerce with more than 12,700 members and is one of the four women holding this position in the world. Otherwise, the National council for gender equality of Macedonia welcomed the decision of the majority of citizens of Skopje to vote for Arsovska, which showed gender sensitivity and progressiveness and that finally Skopje got a woman mayor.