Zaev sank to the ground, the state without a prime minister

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There is no trace or voice from the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev after he announced at a press conference on the evening of October 31 after the defeat in the local elections that he is resigning from the position of Prime Minister, but also from the position of President in SDSM.

A week passed, and Zaev neither submitted his resignation to the Parliament, nor did he appear at a television interview. He is not active on his Facebook profile either, and SDSM, after the defeat, almost no longer has those press conferences and announcements with a negative narrative against the opposition VMRO-DPMNE, which seems not only worrying from the aspect of what is happening in the ruling party, but also an astonishing because our information says that Zaev did not appear at the party headquarters either, most likely due to the demand for responsibility by party members and activists.

But when it comes to Zaev and SDSM, anything is possible. Thus, in the biggest not only health, economic, but now energy crisis, Zaev left the country without a prime minister, which only further confirms that the good of the citizens was not so important to him, but his own interest and benefits from the position.

Some media wrote that Zaev intends to postpone his resignation until December, but his office denied such information, saying that the resignation is a clear act of taking responsibility.

Zaev’s resignation means the resignation of the entire government, and that is provided in Article 93 of the highest legal act of the country.

But that does not seem to be the case. A week has passed, and Zaev neither resigned nor appeared. Such flight and irresponsible behavior only further fuels the situation and is an opportunity for a new scenario for the country to enter a new political crisis which is most unnecessary at this moment.

On the other hand, the leader of the opposition Hristijan Mickoski, instead of sitting and waiting for the country to sink, is taking a step that no one on the Macedonian political scene has managed to do so far, and that is forming a new parliamentary majority with other opposition parties from the Macedonian and Albanian blocs.

On Friday night, he announced the new parliamentary majority, and today, as Mickoski announced yesterday at 14:30, it is planned to submit an initiative for a vote of no confidence in the government if Zaev changes his mind and does not submit his resignation to the Parliament.

VMRO-DPMNE says that the longer the resignation lasts, the worse it is for the country.

The country does not have a prime minister, until the loser Zaev leaves politics, Macedonia will lose. The people take away the legitimacy of the government of SDSM – DUI, Zaev is dethroned. We have a new majority with the Alliance, Alternative, BESA and the Left for the fall of Zaev. If Zaev does not resign from the Parliament by 14:30 today, the MPs from this bloc will submit an interpellation for the Government.

Zaev is not prime minister, and the longer the resignation lasts, the worse it is for the country. The loser Zaev must leave in order for Macedonia to leave. Macedonia must not lose anymore, the party said in a statement.

At this moment, the most important thing is for the country to get out of the crisis as soon as possible, and to return to the normal functioning of the institutions.

Whether Zaev will stick to his word at least once in his political career and really resign will remain to be seen.