VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski called for early general elections to be held quickly, so that Macedonia will have a fully legitimate Government. The call comes after VMRO won a great victory over SDSM in the local elections and Zoran Zaev announced that he will resign as Prime Minister and SDSM leader, but that he wants the SDSM led coalition to remain in power. According to Mickoski, forming a new VMRO led coalition in the current Parliament will not be a stable solution, and the country needs early elections.

  • Even with Zoran Zaev gone, the Government would still have Venko Filipec as the least successful Healthcare Minister, who had one of the highest coronavirus death rates in the world. Ljupco Nikolovski would still be in charge of fighting corruption in one of the most criminal and corrupt administrations in Europe. Mila Carovska will continue to devastate our education. I can go on with all the failures of the Government. The fact is that Zoran Zaev himself staked the survival of the Government on the local electiosn, turned them into a referendum on the Government, and the citizens severely repudiated him. I will stand on the side of the people and its interest. The legitimate question to ask now is whether we will form a new majority with the current Parliament or hold early elections and elect a Government with fresh credibility that will respond to the reality on the ground, Mickoski said in his statement today.

The opposition leader outlined the numerous crises Macedonia faces, which were made worse by the Zaev regime, including the lack of electric supply, the spiraling inflation and the blocked EU integration.

  • The people clearly said that this Government can’t tackle these issues and it’s not only legitimacy that is in question, but its motivation to handle our main problems. That is why I believe that the first option – forming a new ruling majority within the existing Parliament will not provide the necessary new energy we need for reforms and for resolving the pile of problems. At the moment, the best solution for Macedonia will be to hold early general elections without delay. There is no alternative to this – we need a stable Government to overcome the crises, Mickoski said.