Osmani for “News 24”: The country does not need early elections

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02Macedonian Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, also a DUI spokesman, presented the DUI position on the latest challenges after the local elections for the News 24 show “Real Story” on News 24.

Osmani spoke about the local elections, reminding that DUI on it’s account, as he said, has 10 municipalities and a 20 percent increase in the electorate, compared to previous elections.

– We noticed an increase in support. If there were parliamentary elections, we would have 18 MPs. DUI was reaffirmed as the most important and largest party among Albanians. On the other hand, there were unstable coalitions, VMRO-Alliance, temporary, momentary, which aimed to defeat DUI, but the citizens clearly chose DUI, said Osmani.

Regarding the statement of the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that foreign money is being thrown in the campaign, Osmani said that he could not clarify what Zaev wanted to show, but reiterated that the citizens confirmed DUI as a great force.

-I believe that the weight barometer is measured in the first round, while in the second round there are bargains between the parties, he said.

According to him, DUI reaffirmed its first position.

– In Tetovo we won the first round of municipal council and there we have one more mandate than we had, while in the second round coalitions are formed, but still DUI came up with 10 won municipalities, we are waiting for another municipality and I believe we will have 11 victories. DUI was once again confirmed as the most important and largest party, he said.

Osmani stressed that the country does not need early elections, as the country will enter a political crisis, promising that DUI and he, as the first Albanian Foreign Minister, will continue to maintain the Euro-Atlantic course, which is vital not only for the country but also for the region.