Zaev’s partners are changing his mind to withdraw the resignation he has not even submitted

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The second day after the elections and Zaev’s resignation can not be seen or heard anywhere. Maybe the strike in the Post Office is the reason why she travels a long way from “Ilindenska” to the Parliament.

The announcement of the current Prime Minister that he will resign from the leadership position in the party and in the government seems to have been another “Murtin’s trick”, Republika writes.

He did not have the keyword “irrevocable” in his address, which leaves room for him to interpret it as he pleases.

And that Zaev did not need a long time to change his mind was seen after yesterday’s meeting with his coalition partners. The photos from the meeting show the torn faces of Artan Grubi, Bujar Osmani, Ljupco Georgievski, Menduh Thaci, Maja Moracanin, Tito Petkovski, and Goran Misovski. “All Zaev’s people”.

After the meeting, at which God knows what was said to Zaev, Artan Grubi came out that they do not agree with Zaev’s resignation and that it was hasty. DUI demands Zaev to withdraw his resignation.

“Withdraw” is the word that is misinterpreted by Zaev’s coalition partners. He has not resigned so they can nominate him to withdraw. Zaev only announced his resignation orally, which does not have to mean anything, knowing how much his word holds.

In order for it to become official, it should be submitted in writing to the President of the Assembly and he should urgently convene the MPs who only need to contact the resignation without discussion. That’s it. However, there is no deadline for him to submit it to the Parliament, i.e. he can force himself for a year.

Zaev will probably repeat the picture from 2019 when he announced his resignation after the veto from the EU for the start of negotiations, but they are outraged, as he said, for the good of the country and the reforms that had to take place.

His heartbreaking statements that “the French veto broke him from within” and that he personally destroyed him are remembered.

And the circus with the “resignation” of Filipce is still fresh to the people. Now this is just another replay directed by Zaev and his “PR players”.