Leaders of ruling coalition parties to meet with the resigned Prime Minister

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Zoran Zaev, the resigned Prime Minister, called a meeting of the presidents or vice-presidents of the parties from the current parliamentary majority for initial talks on a new prime minister and the composition of a new government. At the meeting they will also discuss the possible schedule for a parliamentary session on the resignation of the Prime Minister and the election of a new government.

Following Sunday’s resignation of Prime Minister Zaev, according to the Constitution of Macedonia, now the entire government should be resigning until the election of a new government.

A coordination meeting of the heads of the parliamentary groups is also expected in the Parliament for an agreement on the further work of the Parliament.

At late Sunday’s press conference, Zaev said he took responsibility for the bad results in these elections.

  • I expect that the progressive forces will remain, will continue to fight. There is no need for early elections. I will remain as Prime Minister in the coming period until we re-organize a new Government with a progressive majority that exists, and could grow in the future. We have excellent opportunities in the two years ahead of us, to continue to work and achieve economic success, Zaev said.