VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski campaigned in Vevcani and the Ohrid region today, supporting the VMRO candidates in the coming second round of the local elections.

During his remarks, Mickoski raised the scandal with the resignation of historian Vanco Gjorgjiev from the joint historic commission with Bulgaria, after he was exposed to threats and pressure from the Zaev regime.

  • Zaev acts as if he is not leading the Macedonian Government, but keeps making new concessions that harm us. Who knows what new promises he made to the Bulgarians, Mickoski said.

He called on the voters to turn out again in the second round and finalize the VMRO victory from the first round. “Zaev said that he plans a ‘game change’ for the second round. But we will show him that it will be ‘game over’ for him”, Mickoski said.