VMRO-DPMNE: As mayor Shilegov built two floors of illegal construction in Taftalidze, bought a hacienda in Mavrovo and two Audi vehicles

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Shilegov from the position of mayor of the city of Skopje has enormously increased his property, for which there is no basis, this is emphasized today by VMRO-DPMNE in a statement to the public.

– Shilegov reported that he bought a hacienda in Mavrovo of 300 m2 for which he stated that it is worth 50,000 euros, and the construction of a residential square is around 400 euros, which raises the question whether Shilegov hid something? He also bought two Audi vehicles that are not in his questionnaire, for which the public should also be told how he acquired them. Shilegov should explain to the citizens of Skopje how he builds two floors of illegal construction of the building in Taftalidze, but also to show his payment slips that he paid to the companies hired for work, but also the legal basis for that money, say the party.

From there they add that Shilegov reported in his questionnaire:

Apartment of 68 square meters in Skopje;

  • Second apartment of 64 square meters also in Skopje;
  • Third apartment of 72 square meters also in Skopje;
  • Fourth apartment of 87 square meters also in Skopje;
  • A house in Taftalidze of 306 square meters in which these days we see that an elevator is being built
  • Second house in Mavrovo of about 300 square meters;
  • 8 million denars of gold jewelry;
  • 3 million denars for paintings;
  • Securities.

– Shilegov should say how he increased his property for a luxury hacienda in Mavrovo of 300 m2, two floors built illegally on the building in Taftalidze and 2 Audi vehicles. And if Shilegov is silent, the institutions should respond and open procedures, say VMRO-DPMNE.