Trajanov: There is a discord and disunity in SDSM

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“Our analyzes show that a large number of the SDSM electorate, activists, members of SDSM did not go out to vote. That is the correct diagnosis. So SDSM must consolidate, if it wants to have a result in the second round of local elections,” said Pavle Trajanov, president of the Democratic Union in the “Morning Briefing”.

Trajanov added that all 23 parties in the SDSM coalition were passive during the elections. If they are activated and bring a thousand votes, it is already 23,000 – 25,000 votes.

“The reasons for the failure of the votes received by SDSM and other parties that were in the coalition with SDSM, I think is primarily a result of internal disunity in SDSM, and therefore many independent candidates have appeared and it is more than certain that the so-called Skopje wing that was floating in the public that they will not support SDSM, that those votes went to the independents,” explained Trajanov.

Trajanov pointed out that there are internal divisions in SDSM and that reflected on the votes in the local elections.